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Can blink(1) be used with Continuous Integration systems?

Yes! For Travis and Ruby, there is the travis-blink1 ruby gem. For GitLab CI, here’s how to Integrate GitLab CI with blink(1) on Cloudpipes. For TeamCity, there’s BuildBlink written in Node by @brettswift. For Python, see “Continuous Integration with python and blink(1)” by Michael Davies. Also, just about any CI system will have […]

How can I use blink1-tool with Blink1Control?

Short answer: use “blink1control-tool” instead of “blink1-tool”! Only one program can access the blink(1) device at a time.  If running the Blink1Control app, you can either use the Blink1Control HTTP REST API or use “blink1control-tool”, a command-line program that has the same command-line switches as “blink1-tool” but does so You […]