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Definitely. Everything about blink(1) is open source, from the GUI applications to control it to the low-level libraries to the firmware and even the 3D models of the enclosure and CAD models for the circuit board. You can find everything on the blink1 github.

In general, the blink(1) low-level APIs are compiled with GCC and Makefiles.

  1. Check out the code from https://github.com/thingm/blink1/
  2. cd blink1/commandline
  3. make


blink1-tool is written to work on any platform that libusb is supported on. We regularly provide compiled versions for:

  • Mac 10.6+
  • Win XP+
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Beaglebone

It is very easy to compile for your own platform and we have seen compiled versions created on:

  • OpenWrt
  • Arduino Yun