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Short answer: use “blink1control-tool” instead of “blink1-tool”!

Only one program can access the blink(1) device at a time.  If running the Blink1Control app, you can either use the Blink1Control HTTP REST API or use “blink1control-tool”, a command-line program that has the same command-line switches as “blink1-tool” but does so

You can find “blink1control-tool” in the blink1-tool releases page. (You may need to scroll down, it doesn’t need updating as often so it may be on an older releases section)



In general, the blink(1) low-level APIs are compiled with GCC and Makefiles.

  1. Check out the code from https://github.com/thingm/blink1/
  2. cd blink1/commandline
  3. make


blink1-tool is written to work on any platform that libusb is supported on. We regularly provide compiled versions for:

  • Mac 10.6+
  • Win XP+
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Beaglebone

It is very easy to compile for your own platform and we have seen compiled versions created on:

  • OpenWrt
  • Arduino Yun