blink(1) variations

There are three different official variations of the blink(1):

  • blink(1) mk3
  • blink(1) mk2
  • blink(1)

All blink(1) devices work with our Blink1Control app, our blink1-tool command-line programs, and the many SDKs and code libraries for blink(1). All blink(1) devices are OSHWA-certified Open Source Hardware.

blink(1) mk3

blink(1) mk3 USB RGB LED / SKU “BLINK1MK3” / UPC 758524799640

blink(1) mk3 is our latest blink(1). It is visually and functionally the same as the blink(1) mk2. In addition to all the features of the blink(1) mk2, the blink(1) mk3 internally uses a new EFM32 ARM-based microcontroller (same as Tomu) that allows the blink(1) firmware to be updated over USB.

blink(1) mk3 Features:

  • Compatible with all previous blink(1) software and APIs
  • Independently-controllable, dual RGB LEDs
  • USB 3.0 compatibility
  • Firmware-updatable via USB
  • Connection via IFTTT, email, and other services via Blink1Control
  • Controllable via command-line, Python, Java, and other languages
  • Control ability built into the Linux kernel.
  • USB extension cable

The packaging for blink(1) mk3 also got an update. We’ve made it more efficient while still keeping the USB extension cable and no-adhesive recyclability

BLINK1MK2 vs BLINK1MK3 box comparison

blink(1) mk2

blink(1) mk2 USB RGB LED / SKU “BLINK1MK2” / UPC 758524799626

The blink(1) mk2 is our most popular blink(1), having sold many tens of thousand units. It was part of our successful second Kickstarter and chosen to be part of Amazon’s Launchpad program.

It improves upon the original blink(1) by featuring dual RGB LEDs, a built-in light pattern playing engine, and USB 3.0 compatibility. Its new industrial design makes it more usable and visible, while retaining the dual metal + plastic design of the original blink(1).

Additionally, the blink(1) mk2 box contained a 5′ USB extension cable to make adding blink(1) to your system easier.


blink(1) was our original USB RGB LED and part of our first successful Kickstarter campaign. It featured a dual metal / plastic enclosure and an ATtiny85 Arduino-compatible micrcontroller.

original blink(1) USB RGB LED